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Ladies, here's an easy way to achieve a perfect winged eyeliner

All you need is a bobby pin and eyeliner

I feel you. Getting a perfect, smooth winged liner that matches the other eye is a skill. But makeup, like many other forms of art is all about trying again and again till you perfect your skill, and any creative person knows that when all else fails, you gotta invent some hacks to make life easier.

If you have been trying to get your winged liner to look like some of those Insta famous models’ fruitlessly, don’t worry we will show you how to get it right in just a matter of seconds, without even trying too hard. All you need is a bobby pin, liquid liner and of course a mirror and maybe wet wipes just in case you have to dust yourself off and try again…



1. You will be using the wider edge of your hair bobby pin.

The first thing you need to do is take that wider edge and generously apply liquid eye liner to it.

2. Then you will place it on the outer corner of your eye to set the base for you to draw your winged liner.

3. Once you have gotten your trace marks, you then just have to add on eyeliner, filling in the trace marks, all the way to the inner corner of the eye, being careful not to overdraw.


4. Repeat the same for the other eye and you will have a basic winged liner so easily.


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