12 annoying situations we go through in Nairobi

Can you relate?

I don't know about you but I get mad at simple things such as a whole adult with 32 teeth throwing out a plastic bottle from a moving bottle. When I imagine that the average person is stupid yet there are people stupider than that, it makes me not want to procreate and bring another human in this world full of weirdos lol. I have a work colleague who manages to stay calm even when the internet connection is slow. She handles situations that can lead you to pull off all your hair with such calmness and I honestly admire her. I often think to myself if everyone was like that, maybe, just maybe the world would be a better place. Every day, you have to deal with something annoying in Nairobi such as:

1. Matatu life. 

It could be someone with a severe case of halitosis insisting on telling you stories, a matatu conductor pitishaing you from where you were supposed to alight or even not giving you back your change. Worse still, when the matatu is arrested for traffic violation and you have to hustle to get another matatu especially when there's no stage around. God forbid you had worn heels on that day.

2. Traffic in the morning and evening.

3. Walking in town and someone just pushes you or steps on you without saying excuse.

4. Then you get to the office and have to deal with those annoying colleagues who could use an extra brain.

You know the kind you have to keep reminding  "As per my last mail..."

5. Not forgetting the slow internet that makes you want to kick everything.

6. When you have to enter a building during lunch hour and you forgot your ID and now, the guard, who wants to be referred to as soldier is giving you a hard time in the name of following protocol.

7. Or policemen who just want a bribe and make your life unbearable.

8. If you're a student, you get to class ready for a CAT and the lecturer sends out word that he/she would not make it.

9. You get home after a long day and alas, no lights, cause? KPLC...

10. You try calling a friend to catch up or open Instagram for a second and suddenly get the "Dear customer, your data bundle..." message.

11. You try to cook dinner, gas ndio hiyo...

12. You go to sleep and ask yourself why you were even born, what if you wanted to come to this earth as a goat?


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