Try these simple remedies and forget about insomnia

Say goodbye to insomnia

Insomnia(Fab Magazine)

The few hours you spend sleeping are so important not just for your physical health but also mental health. Insufficient sleep makes you add weight and could also damage your skin.

We all have sleepless nights at certain points depending on various things. And honestly, it sucks when you really want to sleep but it’s not happening. If you are looking forward to sleeping better and saying goodbye to insomnia, try out these natural remedies:

1. Make the environment-friendly

If you struggle to fall asleep, start by getting rid of anything that is likely to distract your sleep. Whether it’s your phone or any electronic gadget that makes some noise, keep it far away. Make sure that the temperature of your bedroom is friendly to fall asleep. Too much heat or cold will keep you awake. Also, invest in good bedding such as linen sheets and a quality mattress.

2. Exercise

Exercising keeps you healthy and promotes good sleep. All the same, exercising early in the day has been found to promote better sleep than exercising much later in the day.

3. Meditation

If you are new to meditation, you might not last long enough. But there is a beginning to everything and you will get used to it with time. Focus on listening to soothing music or deep breathing. Even if you wake up in the mid of your sleep, meditate for like 10 minutes. It really helps to take you to slumberland.

4. Warm bath

Get into the tab and enjoy the relaxing effects some minutes before bed. The relaxation coupled with the warmth is enough to make you feel sleepy. Needless to mention that we all sleep better after taking a bath most of the times.

5. Massage

If you can get someone to massage you to sleep, good for you. Once your muscles are relaxed, you will find it easier to sleep.

6. Magnesium

The foods you eat also contribute a lot when it comes to sleeping. Foods rich in Magnesium such as bananas, kale, and legumes will help you sleep better. Magnesium regulates melatonin – a hormone that stimulates quality sleep.


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