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4 reasons why it's dangerous to pick your nose

It can make you sick!

However, behind closed doors, most people will readily admit that they pick their noses because it feels kinda good.

Odd habits aside, it's actually rather harmful to pick your nose.


Here are four reasons why you may want to kick the habit.

1. Digital trauma

You can easily break skin when rooting around for boogers in your nose.

2. Infections

It's unlikely that you wash your hands before going to shove your digits into your nose. This carries the potential to transfer harmful bacteria to the exposed skin in your nose.


3. It can make you sick

According to Time, germs that cause colds and flu need to make their way into your body in order to infect you, and your nostrils are among the few doorways that allow those microorganisms access to your insides.

4. Damage the nasal septum

Continual nose picking can lead to damage mucosal lining and underlying cartilage of the septum, opening a hole, which can cause pain and nose bleeds.


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