10 weirdest pregnancy symptoms

What's the weirdest thing you have seen in a pregnant woman?


But there are other strange or rather hilarious symptoms that no one tells you about probably because they are not as common.

Check out some of the weirdest symptoms of pregnancy women experience:

1. More vivid dreams

Normally, you hardly remember what you dreamed about or you forget it few hours after waking up. But for some pregnant women, they may dream more often and not forget a detail of the whole dream.

2. Increased mucus

During pregnancy, some women have more urge to blow the nose than usual. Pregnancy leads to the swelling of the blood vessels as well as the production of more mucus.

3. Hate for no reason

This is not just a stereotype. A pregnant woman may despise you for no apparent reason. And until she gives birth, that’s when she will start beating herself up for the silly things she did.

4. Metallic taste

In the first trimester, she may have this metallic taste lingering in her mouth all through. This results from the hormonal changes and may last until the hormones are stabilized.

5. They get super emotional

You got to choose your words keenly when dealing with a pregnant woman. A single word can make her extremely sad or leave her sobbing as if she just lost something valuable.

6. Need for her partner

Even though she was used to being alone for hours, she suddenly develops more urge to be with her partner. She might also be clingy in a way or paranoid when the partner leaves.

7. Longer hair and nails

During pregnancy, there is increased blood circulation to the roots of the hair and nails providing the needed nutrients for their growth.

8. Snoring

Even though you have never snored in your life, don’t be surprised when it starts during pregnancy. Actually, as your bump grows bigger, the more you are likely to snore.

9. Constipation

Your bowel movement may also get affected during pregnancy due to the changes in estrogen. Peristalsis also slows down and you have to drink more water to ease your moments in the bathroom.

10. Bleeding gums

When it comes to pregnancy, no part of your body is fully immune to disease. The gums are more prone to diseases and they may thus hurt, swell and bleed.


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