5 things you need to know about premature menopause

This includes what you can do to prevent it.

Below are some things that you may need to understand about the condition including the causes, effects, symptoms, prevention measures and treatment.

1. Causes of premature menopause

Premature menopause can be caused by premature ovarian failure.

Damage to the ovaries due to chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Surgical removal of the ovaries

2. Symptoms of premature menopause

Mood swings

Vaginal dryness

Hot flashes

Low libido

Irregular sleep

3. Can it be treated?

There are no existing treatments for premature menopause. However, hormone therapy is available to alleviate the symptoms of premature menopause.

4. What are the effects of premature menopause?

It reduces the risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

It increases damage caused by aging, therefore meaning your body ages faster.

You can't get pregnant.

It increases risk of heart disease.

It increases risk of osteoporosis.

5. Are there any lifestyle decisions that can be made to reduce the occurrence of early menopause?

Some lifestyle choices increase the chances of early menopause occurring, such as excessively consuming alcohol, smoking. Taking reasonable precautions to live a healthy lifestyle can reduce the chances of early menopause.


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