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5 interesting facts about the sperm you should know


The sperm might be very tiny but it’s full of wonders and exciting features. Some of the most interesting facts about the sperm include:

1. Production continues as long as one lives

Females are born with all the eggs they will ever have. However, the production of sperms continues day in day out as long as the man lives. The only thing that changes is the volume and quality of the sperm as the man ages.


2. Nutritious

Disgusting, right? Well, sperms are rich in nutrients such as proteins, Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, Zinc and Vitamin C. In fact, experts say that the proteins contained in semen is equivalent to that of the egg white.

3. Ejaculation

A single ejaculation contains an average of 200 million sperms yet only one makes it to fertilize the egg. You can thus imagine the rush and struggle to win the honor of fertilization. It can only be a “survival of the fittest”.

4. Most of them are deformed


A normal and healthy sperm should have an oval head, a tail and the mid-section so that it can easily swim towards the egg. However, studies show that most sperms are produced with deformities such as two heads, two tails, no tail or a coiled tail. The good thing is that 5-15% percent of the sperms produced are normal and healthy enough to allow fertilization.

5. Can survive indefinitely

Scientists believe that if well preserved, sperms can last as long as possible. Usually, they are frozen and kept for future purposes in case someone is going through a medical treatment such as cancer and infertility.


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