Check out how celebs are rocking the ponytail braids style (Photos)

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Braid ponytail style (Instagram dianamarua)

Braids will never go out of style. That’s for sure! If you’re a girl that loves braids, you have probably tried out a couple of braid styles out there that span from cornrows, a mix of cornrows and box braids, lengthy braids, short braids, braids with accessories, ombre braids, colored braids, and the list goes on. Looks like 2019 is off to a great start braid styles-wise seeing as celebs are totally rocking the braid ponytail style and we are so here for it. The style is definitely not new but it’s a great choice for someone looking for a cute and simple do. You can opt for full head ponytail cornrows, you can mix small and big cornrows, you can have half the head braided into cornrows and the other half into box braids and you can even accessorize with beads if you’re still on that Fulani braids wave. Check out how celebs are rocking the ponytail braids do.

1.Jokate Mwegelo.

2.Diana Marua.

3.Grace Ekirapa.

4.Amina Abdi.

5.Janet Mbugua.

6.Fahy Vanny - Ray Vanny's wife.

7.Elizabeth Micheal.


9.Hamisa Mobetto.


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