6 sure tricks to make you look thinner when taking photos

Fake it till you make it

Beautiful girl posing for a photo (freestockphotos)

Whether it’s because you simply want to look different in a photo or you are uncomfortable with your current size, you can fake it till you make it.

Even though you will still be the same size in reality, at least photos can be different. We all have that one photo that we so much dislike because it didn’t come out the way we wished. Given a chance, we would have it redone. Don’t let that be the case when you look at your photos in the future.

If you want to look thinner in your photos, try making use of these tips:

1. Stick out your chin

When taking a photo, position your head in such a way that your chin is sticking out. This gives you a thinner look and your double chin won’t show.

2. Hands akimbo

Another easy trick to make you look skinnier is to put your hands on your hips. If you have chubby arms, putting them close to your body only makes you look bigger. Putting them away from your body will give you a skinnier look when taking pictures.

3. Dress right

We bet you already know that your choice of clothing can make you look skinnier or chubbier. For instance, printed fabrics make you look chubbier while plain colors make you look slimmer. Your outfits should also be well-fitting for you to achieve that slim look.

4. Angle of the photo

Let the photographer take the picture from a top angle. At least the angle of the camera should be slightly above your eyes. A low-angle photo makes you look short and chubbier.

5. The sideways posture

This posture automatically makes you look skinnier. Turn your body in a way that the camera sort of takes your side view. This look not only makes you look thinner but it’s also flattering.

6. Cross your legs at the ankles

This look is sexier and classier. Besides, it makes your legs look slimmer.


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