5 surprising facts you didn't know about your poop

Just so you know

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Not many people will want to talk about poop yet it’s such an important factor about health. Actually, your poop can tell various things about your health. So, in as much as you do not want to look at it, you should be monitoring it closely to detect anything different.

Anyway, that’s a topic for another day. How well are you informed about your poop? Check out some interesting facts about poop that you probably didn’t know:

1. Your poop should sink

I know we all hate floaters and how annoying they can be. But did you know that healthy poop should not float? Floaters mean that your diet lacks enough fiber or some underlying health condition. Having floaters once in a while is okay but if you get them more often, you should talk to your doctor.

2. 75% of poop is water

Huh? Seems unbelievable but it’s a fact. The other 25% is a combination of bacteria, mucus and other substances that the body could not absorb.

3. Your poop shouldn’t smell so bad

Not like that it should smell like some freshly cut flowers, but neither should the smell be so pungent. If the smell is really terrible, it means you could be having some health issues.

4. The color of your poop matters

What? Just another reason to be having a look at your poop before flushing it down the toilet. First, poop gets its brownish color from bile. Secondly, the color of your poop may vary depending on your diet. And thirdly, bloody like poop should be a concern.

5. The shape of poop also matters

Really now? The ideal poop shouldn’t be broken into pieces. Also, pencil-thin poop could be a warning sign of colon cancer.


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