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3 things the pull-out method won't save you from

In the vast universe of contraception, the pull-out method, also known as withdrawal, often gets cited as a go-to for those spontaneous moments.

3 things pull-out won't save you from [Today's Parent]

But, let's get real for a second. While it might seem like a straightforward way to dodge the pregnancy bullet, there are a few critical areas where this method falls short.

Here's the lowdown on what the pull-out method won't save you from, serving as a reminder that sometimes, it's better to just wrap it up.

STIs: The unwanted guests

First up on the list, and probably the most alarming, are sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The pull-out method offers zero protection against the likes of herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and HIV.


These infections can be transmitted through skin-to-skin contact or bodily fluids, and let's not forget, pre-ejaculation can carry STIs too.

So, thinking you're playing it safe by pulling out? Think again. It's akin to jumping into a pool and hoping not to get wet.

Unplanned pregnancy: Still a possibility

Sure, the main aim of the pull-out method is to prevent pregnancy by avoiding ejaculation inside the partner. However, it's far from foolproof.

Pre-ejaculate, the fluid released before ejaculation, can contain sperm. And all it takes is one little swimmer to make it through.


The effectiveness of withdrawal, when done perfectly, is still not as reliable as other contraceptive methods. So, if you're not ready for a mini-me, it's best not to rely solely on this method.

Emotional and physical connection: Missed opportunities

Lastly, beyond the physical risks, there's something to be said about the emotional and physical connection that can be impacted by the pull-out method.

The abrupt interruption can create a barrier, not just physically but emotionally, between partners. It can lead to stress and anxiety, overshadowing the intimacy of the moment.

Using condoms not only provides protection but also allows for a more seamless and connected experience.


In essence, while the pull-out method might seem like an easy option in the heat of the moment, it's a risky bet on your health and future.

The smart move? Use a condom. It's a simple step that safeguards against STIs, and unplanned pregnancies, and even enhances the emotional connection.

Remember, in the game of love and intimacy, playing it safe is truly playing it smart.


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