6 reasons why you keep on getting sick

Weka stress kando

Sick woman and doctor(Crooze FM)

We all know of someone who gets sick so often. After a few weeks, they have flu and whenever there is an outbreak in the office, they are usually the first to catch it.

While we all get sick, it’s not okay to get sick so often. It’s a surefire sign that your health is at stake and you definitely need to work out a plan. So why do some people keep on getting sick more than others? Be informed of some reasons below and try to stay safe:

1. You are deficient of some nutrients

Your immunity is supposed to guard your body against infections and diseases. And diet is just one to boost your immunity. When it comes to immunity, most people think that vitamin C is the only way out. But the truth is that other nutrients such as vitamin A and D also play such an important role in building your immune system.

2. You don’t sleep enough

Sleep is not only important for your mental health but also physical health. When you are asleep, your body releases proteins that fight diseases and inflammation. When you are sleep deprived, your body does not produce these proteins thus making you prone to infections.

3. You don’t drink enough water

When your body is dehydrated, you can feel fatigued or even have headaches. Staying hydrated all day is also important for digestion and preventing urinary tract infections in women. Each time you urinate, you flush any bacteria that could have been in your urinary tract.

4. You are stressed

Stress is normal in life but too much of it can make you sick more often. Chronic stress affects your immunity exposing you to diseases.

5. Poor hygiene

Something like washing your hands regularly may seem simple but it really helps in keeping infections at bay. Your mouth and skin can hold loads of bacteria hence the reason your hygiene game should be on top.

6. Autoimmune conditions

Some health conditions weaken your immune system making it easier to catch infections. Some of the conditions that weaken immunity include HIV, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, and allergies.


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