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5 ways to keep warm this rainy season

Don't let the cold bite.

5 Ways To keep Warm this Rainy Season

The Meteorological Department has announced that the rains are here, marking the beginning of the Kenyan fall season.

It can prove to be a challenge to dress on rainy days but that’s why we are here!

Tighten Up

It is cold, buddy wear something that hugs your skin to keep warm. Tight jeans, cotton dresses, cashmere sweaters, and ponchos for casual wear. Trench coats are a safe bet for official wear. Accessorize with warmers which has a variety out there to choose from.


Jacket up

Zip it or button up with puffed jackets and don’t shy away from raincoats they keep you dry.

Buckle up those boots

Thigh-high, knee-high, and ankle-high there are all types of highs and lows in different types of heels. It is a must-have especially since most Kenyan roads quickly turn into muddy pools during the rains.


Gumboots are not only for the ‘shamba’ and that’s why the stylish ones exist, get yourself a pair for your closet you will never regret that choice.

Layer up with different textures, lengths, and prints.

Carry an umbrella

Carry an umbrella, we can’t emphasize this enough!


I really wish a ‘Shark Tank’ idea of rentable umbrella deposits across town would save us now! You either don’t have it or have it and it’s too big so you left it somewhere. This is also a must-have a trick is to buy something unique and portable for your everyday life like those that look like a bottle.

And before I forget have umbrella etiquettes, which are; to hold your umbrella sideways on public streets to avoid collusion, close it facing down not to splash out the water, and return the umbrella to the lender.

Hydrate on warm liquids

With the rains, it is easy to forget to hydrate and what's perfect is that no matter the season, hydration is still key for your beauty and general well-being.

Warm and hot drinks are easy to get down, reach out for your favorite coffee or lemon water. But be ready for those bathroom runs that are coming your way!


A bit of DO’S...

Brighten up your day with vibrant colors. Science has proven bright hues like orange do have a positive psychological effect on your perception and keep up your energy. Why do you think marketers use it to manipulate customers’ responses?

Heavy pull-neck tops are a must-have.

Faux fur, we trying to go green and save the animals.


Knits are not suitable for swimming but surprisingly warm during the cold season.

Protective hairstyles like braids keep your neck and shoulder warm.

Warmers are your best friends for that quick cold fix.

And a bit of DON’TS

Stay away from delicate and light fabrics, for example, silk, chiffon, and satin get well quickly. If you must layer it with heavy cloth.


Short shorts are only acceptable with high boots and coats.

Do away with metallic accessories to keep the cold out.

Exaggerated lengths for bottoms or extra-long dresses should be avoided you don’t want to carry mud around.

Open shoes are a big NO!


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