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Silas Jakakimba explains reason for wearing 2 wristwatches at Gen Ogolla's burial

This is not the first time the lawyer has been spotted wearing two wrist watches, a decision he says is deliberate

Lawyer Silas Jakakimba at General Francis Ogolla's burial

The farewell ceremony of the late Kenya Defence Forces Chief, Gen. Francis Omondi Ogolla, drew widespread attention for honouring a distinguished military leader and sparking curiosity around lawyer Silas Jakakimba's distinctive fashion choice.

Amidst the sombre atmosphere of the ceremony, netizens couldn't help but notice Jakakimba's unconventional accessory – two wristwatches.

While some speculated it was a display of extravagance, Jakakimba offered a deeper insight into his unique style, which he has maintained for nearly two decades.


Addressing the curiosity surrounding his fashion choice, Jakakimba on his X page shared his creed of donning two wrist instruments, affectionately known as SN001, which he has upheld since 2007.

"I take note that the pictures today at The General's Farewell Ceremony raised palpable curiosity in these streets. It's interesting that it has taken sections, actually few - of my Online Friends nearly 17 years to pick this up about SN001 - my personal creed of donning two wrist instruments, " noted Jakakimba.

From his tenure in the Office of the Prime Minister to his campaigns for Homa Bay senator and his charitable endeavours, Jakakimba has remained steadfast in his fashion statement.

"I cannot change my version of the year's-help style, or what is fun and happiness for my person, to fit your version of 'humility'," Jakakimba explained, emphasising the importance of staying true to oneself and finding joy in personal expression.


Contrary to assumptions of ostentation, Jakakimba revealed that his fashion choice extends beyond high-end events to his visits to underprivileged communities, and children's homes, and his support for students' education.

"I have visited children's homes and widows back home, visited the many students whose fees I pay in various schools (these visits have remained unpublished for years). Two," he revealed.

For him, the two wristwatches symbolise more than just style; they represent a commitment to compassion, kindness, and humility.


His dedication to his unique style has not wavered, even after serving as the legal advisor for Homa Bay Governor Gladys Wanga and his subsequent transition to the United Democratic Alliance in July 2023.


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