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2018 fashion trends you need to know about

Slay queens this one is for you

Some of those trends have crossed over to 2018 though. I mean, mules are still cute plus, what are we supposed to do with all the cold shoulder tops we bought? Hehe. I think we can all agree though, that chokers should die a natural death and resurrect when Museveni decides to step down from power.

Anyway, back to fashion; so, we compiled a list of fashion trends taking over 2018, based on what we are seeing on celebrities, fashion influencers as well as international runways.

Here’s a list of 2018 fashion trends.


1. Berets.

Everyone and their mother has turned into a Parisian. We can’t blame them though; berets are super cute and they come in handy for the current cold weather being experienced in Nairobi. Plus, they look uber cute paired with just about anything.

2. While still on hats, newsboy hats are also pretty trendy this year.

Back in the early 2000s, these hats were the in thiiiiiiing, eh we would wear them and tilt them slightly to the side.

3. Ruffles and fringe.


Ruffles and fringe are flirty and sexy! To join the trend, you can get yourself either a ruffled or if you prefer, fringed blouse, skirt, or even pants and swish swish your fabulous self away.

4. Slit side palazzo pants.

How sexy are these though?

5. Bralettes.

The bralette trend is ever enduring. I don’t think bralettes will ever go out of fashion. Go for a lacy or silk balette paired with high waisted pants. You could throw over an over-sized jacket or kimono if you feel over-exposed.


6. Athleisure.

The athleisure trend has been picking up from last year. This trend is all about comfort and incorporating some of your sports wear, say, jogger pants or track pants paired with sneakers and a cropped top or a sexy tank top.

7. Fanny packs.

Yaaas those bags where mama mbogas stash their money are so on trend right now. Fanny packs come in all sizes, shapes and color. From designer to simple leather ones, fanny packs are perfect for a casual look.

8. Feminist chic.


If you want to express your unapologetic opinions, what better way than to unleash your inner feminist through a tee that says it all?

9. Casual chic.

Relaxed vibes yo. Simple khakis folded at the hems, paired with slip ons or sneakers and a simple tee is quite a look this year.

10. Buckle shoes.

11. Exaggerated sleeves.


These were big last year, guess what, they still are!

12. Cropped flare jeans.

Give your skinnies a break and give cropped flared jeans a try.

14. Side stripe pants.


Go for something edgy such as denim, checkered, houndstooth or tartan printed side stripe pants.


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