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How to achieve this trendy two strand twist natural hairstyle (Photos)

It's super cute and easy to achieve

So many naturalistas are rocking the hairstyle and judging from that, it’s definitely the hairstyle of the season.

The beauty of natural hair is that if you have sources of inspiration, be it Pinterest, Instagram influencers or fashion blogs and magazines, it becomes easy to know how to style your hair differently.


This rubber band style is pretty easy to achieve. All you need is a bunch of rubber bands and some hair clips or accessories.

Here’s a step by step tutorial on how to achieve the look:

1. Start by combing your hair then partitioning a small triangle at the front.

2. From that triangle, partition the hair into two halves.

3. Partition one of the halves into tiny portions which you will secure with a bladder, make sure it's not too tight to avoid a headache.


Do the same for the second half.

4. Once you have secured the tiny potions, go ahead and twist the hair (the one that remains after you have secured the bladders) as you twist, criss cross the twists and secure with a rubber band.

5. Once you're through with the front, on each side of the head, take a small portion, secure it with a rubber band then twist it.

6. Brush out the remaining hair at the back then secure all the twists at the middle of the hair with bobby pins then add hair accessories such as cute hair beads to complete the look.


Watch the tutorial here.


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