8 nutritional benefits of eating strawberries

Good for your skin

Strawberry benefits(mashable)

One may despise these small fruits but they are a powerhouse of nutrition. Most people only love them for their sweet taste but there is much more than the taste.

Let’s look at some of the great nutritional benefits of adding strawberries to your diet:

1. Good for pregnant women

Strawberries are a good source of folic acid. Folic acid promotes the healthy development of the fetus and prevents birth defects.

2. Prevents heart disease

Studies show that eating berries more often prevent heart-related diseases. Strawberries are rich in flavonoids which reduces the risk of heart disease by 32 % according to a Harvard study.

3. Cancer

Strawberries are so rich in antioxidants that counter the free radicals which lead to chronic diseases such as cancer.

4. Relieves constipation

If you are having problems passing stool, strawberries will do you good. They have fiber and high water content which enhances regular bowel movements.

5. Diabetes

They are sweet but they have a low glycemic index making them good for diabetic patients. They regulate the blood sugar preventing extremes.

6. Blood pressure

High sodium levels in the body lead to blood pressure. Strawberries are high in potassium which helps in balancing the sodium levels in the body thus preventing blood pressure.

7. Boosts immunity

They are rich in Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes the damaging antioxidants and also boosts your body’s defense mechanism.

8. Good skin

Thanks to their richness in Vitamin C, eating strawberries more often helps in fighting wrinkles giving you a youthful skin.


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