5 amazing health benefits of eating brown rice over white rice

Reasons to ditch white rice and eat brown rice instead.

The process of milling brown rice to convert it to white rice is tends to strip the rice of important nutrients thus making it healthier.

So, brown rice is basically unrefined rice and it contains a lot of nutritional value including:

1.Prevents obesity

Brown rice is essential in reducing the body mass index and body fat.

The manganese in brown rice helps to synthesize body fats.

2.Helps to control diabetes

Brown rice contains a low glycemic index which helps to reduce insulin surges as well as stabilize blood sugar levels in the body.

3.Helps to improve digestive health

Brown rice is rich in fiber which makes it a great option to handle digestive issues such as constipation and colitis.

The fiber also helps to “regulate bowel function and keeps you feeling full”.

4.Brown rice helps to control cholesterol levels

Brown rice contains natural oils which help in regulating cholesterol.

5.Lowers stress in breastfeeding mothers

Brown rice helps to reduce stress in women that are breastfeeding. According to an investigative study, brown rice can help reduce “mood disturbances, stages of depression as well as fatigue”.

6.Improves heart health

Selenium contained in brown rice makes it good for the heart.

The brown rice can help in reducing blockages in the arteries which can in turn prevent cardio vascular diseases such as hypertension.

7.Prevents cancer

Brown rice can help prevent colon cancer, breast cancer and leukemia.

Source: Organic Facts


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