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7 foods you didn't know you could freeze

Finally a reason to ditch fast food

Research shows that you can freeze a whole variety of food if well prepared.

Now research shows that half of the food we would find unthinkable to freeze can actually last for months without going bad. I’m not talking about ice cream and meat.

Read on.

1. Eggs without shells


You don’t want a cracked egg in your freezer, trust me. Instead, remove the shell and mix them in a bowl with salt and they will last for up to a year without thawing.

2. Cooked rice and pasta

Yuup, cook large amounts of rice or pasta and store them in portions individual meals for months. Sprinkle a bit of water and microwave and it will be as good as new.

3. Pancakes

Pancakes contain milk, sugar and eggs which are highly perishable. However, placing them in an aluminum foil in the freezer should keep them consumable for up to two months.


4. Dough

Tired of fighting world war three every time you want to make chapatis? Well, now you know that you can freeze dough for months before use without it going bad.

5. Sandwiches

Lunch breaks can be too short to prepare a sandwich. How about storing a few ready ones in the freezer for a go to light meal. Stick to freezable fillings such as tuna, sardines and salmons and avoid adding mayonnaise or egg salads. Make sure you don’t leave air space in your freezer bags and use before two months are over.

6. Onions


Although we highly advise against it, diced onions can be frozen. Cut off on prep time buy dicing your onions and placing them in freezer bags. The benefit is that you don’t have to thaw it before cooking. The disadvantage is that onions pick up a lot from their environment and can be very poisonous if stored carelessly.

7. Milk

Here’s some good news, milk can be frozen for up to three months without going bad. Just leave a little room in the container for expansion.

8. Leftover Mashed Potatoes

Have you been wondering how you’ll carry all the left mukimo from mom’s house? We’ve got you. Now, you can serve your mash potatoes in small portions and freeze for up to two months.


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