Craziest behaviours of passengers travelling long distance

As much as bus travel is cheap and most of the time convenient, there challenges most if not all of us have faced when going to Mombasa or Kisumu. Being in a bus for 8hrs+ is no small joke! Not only do you get tire, but also the challenges one faces, is soo hectic you wish you had a choice.

Bus travel

If you are yet to experience the challenges of bus travel in Kenya, here are some of the challenges most people have faced.

1. Call of nature

Long distance travel have a pre-planned location of stopping for people to have nature breaks (to urinate or take a long call), to stretch your legs or even eat. But, when nature calls, nature calls. I am talking about when your body just need to take a sh*t or your bladder is full. Not all drivers will stop somewhere on the way for you, so people tend to resolve to invent ways of helping themselves. People have taken a dump in paper bags or even urinated in a bottle!

2. Food

Ever been really hungry and someone down the aisle decided to carry fries! That’s when you realize the true meaning of temptation.

Or, someone decides to carry Mbuta! I am sorry, but that live fish stinks. Not all of us eat it, the stench is on another level. Like, wouldn't you have considered to at least fry it before coming up with this great idea of carrying it?

3. Live animals

Mostly during festival season, there is always someone with a live chicken in the bus. Other passengers carry even a goat! Like the hell?! Why can’t you just buy the animal where you are going? Please consider the rest of the passengers in the bus if you are a culprit

4. Carrying your seat mates luggage child

Women mostly are guilty of this. Because it’s a woman asking you…you feel obliged to help out. Now, where they go wrong is…they do not take the luggage back! I was helping out; it did not suddenly become me carrying your burden.

5. Forcing conversation

I love silence. If I do not know you, please don’t force yourself to have conversation. We do not need to talk…do not feel obliged to talk.


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