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6 relationship zones worse than the friend zone

You thought the friend zone was bad? Well, check these out.

6 relationship zones worse than the friend zone.

It is literally the worst feeling, right? To have feelings for someone but be unable to do anything because you do not want to hurt anyone's feelings or are too afraid to go any further, fearing rejection.

Here are six types of zones that girls will serve you on a cold platter.

In this zone, you call each other endearing words that are as sweet as chocolate itself. Lovey-dovey emojis decorate your WhatsApp conversations.


The words of affirmation you exchange are blush worthy. All these but she still sees you as a Bachelor Attention Emissary (BAE). To add salt to the injury, her boyfriend knows all about you but regards you as a non-issue.

One time under the throws of passion, you try to bring the point of maybe getting engaged to her and the outright no that she replies with, makes you deflate like a student being handed over his chemistry results.

She claims you are only good for intimacy and yours is contract based coital joys. Your sorry self is already attached on a string of love that is tautly held by this zone.


You hold a Bachelor's Degree in counselling psychology with the way you always listen to her whims about her man.

She claims you're as understanding as a Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) parent. You have broad shoulders for her to lean on whenever she’s heartbroken and a fluffy handkerchief to wipe her tears like a good best friend.

This zone is choking and it’s like eating hot potatoes, but the hope of maybe she opening her eyes one day and noticing, keeps you walking like Johnny.

Even if you tried to bring heaven to earth or catch a bullet for her, she will still refer to you as her big brother.


She is on a script whenever you around and like a actress, she plays the good girl role. Your smitten self sees her as an ideal girl only to be left hurt and broken in this climatic zone.

She only contacts you when in need. You're her low key savior. Last week alone, you sent her Sh.2000 to make her hair in a bid to help a friend out. You often talk, exchange messages but anytime you try shooting your shot, she drops the bombshell "I only see you as a friend and nothing more."

You are a standby frog that she kisses whilst looking for her Mr. Right. One moment you're all cozy, the next you're all alone.


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