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8 things single people are tired of hearing

Yes, you mean well but constantly badgering single people with the same questions about their love life can get really annoying real quick.

Photo of woman hiding her face using her right hand [Image: Ricaldo Donaldson]

"You're still single after all this time?"

Aside from being rude and patronising, this statement comes across as a bit stalkerish. Have you been obsessively monitoring another person's social interactions all this time?

"Don’t worry the right one will come along. There is someone for everyone."


Well, the idea of a "right" person is loosely applied and the idea of one person in the world for you is simply not true. Relationships are built on mutual respect and shared values and these can occur between people who are willing not just with a single human being.

"Put yourself out there, be more adventurous."

Such a statement makes the assumption that the single person is not actively pursuing their goal, if at all their goal is to get into a relationship.

"You and this person look so cute together."

Thanks for completely making things absolutely awkward between people with your subjective and probably wrong assessment.


"How can you be that fine and not be in a relationship?"

Well, there are many reasons why people you may find attractive are not in a relationship. One of the reasons could be such superficial remarks.

"I don’t get why you’re single. Wait, wait…you’re one of the crazy ones right?"

Just save it. And perhaps learn a few things about what boundaries are.

"Being in a relationship is not all that. You might want to stay single."


Such a statement is more about the person saying it than the single person having to hear it. It's an indication of the speaker's own dissatisfaction with their own relationship.

"You need to stop being picky."

So should I just date the next person who gives me attention? Is that the best advice you can give me?


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