Tips for men: What to do when a woman cries

Dos and Donts of handling women's tears

If you work or exist around people, there will come a time where you will witness a moment of vulnerability. Such as a death in the family, work frustrations, losing that Sh100,000 bet on Sportpesa. But when you're of the same gender, you seem to get how to handle each other. And when a woman sees a man crying- in most cases, they seem to know exactly what to do. But men simply don't know how to handle a woman's tears.

First of all, our tears dry on their own. You're under no obligation to be the person who offers her a shoulder to cry on. However, basic human decency compels us to ensure that when we find someone grieving, we try to help where we can.

There are various rules to be observed for every situation such as loss of a job or a loved one or when someone has gone through something traumatic.

But these are the general rules for men when they see a woman crying.

1. Don't write it off as PMS

Contrary to popular belief, PMS isn't the reason for women being emotional at any point in their lives. It's very insulting to a woman to immediately assume that the reason why she's crying is because her period is about to start.

2. Don't try to get her to stop crying

It's very inconsiderate to immediately find a way to get her to stop crying because it makes you uncomfortable. It would be kinder to walk away and get her a close friend. She's not a child. Don't try to bribe her tears away.

3. Don't act as though it's wasting your time

If it is, just escort her somewhere more private and call her friend or something. If you have a heart, just make sure she's at least fine. If you don't- walk away.

4. Don't start apologizing

Unless you are the reason she's crying, don't start apologizing that she's crying.

5. Don't start saying that you don't know how to handle tears

That really isn't her problem. You can sit there quietly with her while she handles whatever it is she is going through. Or hand her a napkin then walk away.

6. Ask what's wrong

If you care, sometimes somebody else's problems aren't actually your responsibility. But if you do ask and she says, "Nothing" or "I'm fine" and you aren't her boyfriend or a close friend, just remain close by, leave and call a friend of hers.


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