Everyone has, at least once, been told of how their circle of friends tends to grow smaller as they grow older.

Priorities change over time, people grow – some together while others apart. It’s just part of life.

While it was comforting to know that one’s friend count would go beyond 10 people at some point, after some time having two friends didn’t seem like the worst thing in the world.

Here are some reasons why having a small circle of friends is better than having an entire squad.

1.Quality of friendship is better

Quality always trumps quantity. And this applies to friendships as well. It is hard to maintain a close, meaningful friendship with thirty people. How do you even keep track?

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2.Less drama when you have fewer friends

The smaller the circle of friends, the less chances of having drama. Taking it back to the quality vs quantity statement, when someone feels like the friendship is one-sided, it can cause drama. The one-sidedness (made this up) may not even be intentional but just an issue of circumstance. Maybe someone grew closer to someone else; it happens.

3.You can be yourself

Sometimes having a big circle of friends tends to put pressure on someone to be a person that they aren’t. You feel like you have to keep up appearances or act a certain way because that’s the way someone in your group carries themselves.

A small circle of friends doesn’t have such pressures. You can be yourself and not worry whether your dress is fancy enough for the squad.

4.You truly know who’s got your back

When you have a small circle of friends, you are able to tell who truly has your back. For example, if someone talks bad about you while you aren’t around, a true friend will defend you and not join in the conversation to bash you.

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