Relationship With Bukky: He has a girlfriend but won't stop chasing me; now I'm falling and so confused

I met this guy early this year... I just left a toxic relationship when we met and I didn't want to give any guy a chance till I feel I'm ready but he proved to be real. He did everything I've always wanted from my ex. I was softened and I decided to give him a chance.

I'm falling for a guy who has a girlfriend; I don't know how to stop myself[Credit Black Excellence]

On this particular day, I decided to pay him a visit since he has been wanting me to, when I got there he gave me his laptop to watch a movie because he wanted to get something for me nearby. The movie wasn't interesting to me so I decided to check out the pictures.

Then I stumbled on a studio picture of him and a lady. I asked him to be honest and plain. He said he has a girlfriend but he's not serious with her and begged me to give him time that he loves me and not that he wants to use and dump me.

I was already falling for to this guy but guys of nowadays can be so cunning. I'm really heartbroken and I don’t know what to do.


Dear reader,

My honest advice is for you to not proceed with that relationship. Anything that starts on such deceptive note is bound to be filled with problems later in the future.

If you did not stumble on that image, do you think he would have come correct with you about having a relationship? My guess is as good as yours.

I think you should consider yourself lucky enough to have discovered this truth so early into the situation. Imagine getting in waist-deep before realizing that there is another woman, by which time you can’t pull out as easily as you can now.

So think of it in that light. There is still some positivity in all of this, and that is that you got to know about this other woman quite early. There isn’t a lot of emotions yet, not a lot of activities have been invested in it too, and that should make it easy for you to back out now that you still can.

Yeah, I think that’s the wise thing to do. Back out of the situation and never go back. If he set lies as the foundation of the relationship, then nothing should make you want to continue being with him now that you have found out the truth.


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