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6 reasons why she suddenly stopped talking to you

Here are reasons why women ghost men.

You’ve been talking to this person for a while and you think everything is going great then all of sudden: silence.

Women can suddenly stop talking to you for a number of reasons and listed some of them.

1. She’s busy


Sometimes it’s not intentional. She can get caught up in her own world and honestly just forget to text you.

2.She gave you her number out of pity

If you text her and she suddenly stops replying, it could mean that she just gave you her number out of pity.

3.She got bored

Maybe she just didn’t find your conversation to be that interesting so she decided to end her misery and cut you off. Mean but true.


4.She wasn’t so sure about you in the first place

She may have been testing the waters a little bit and seeing if the two of you would connect but maybe the sparks didn’t fly and she decided to take the high road.

5.You said something offensive to her

If you made an overly sexual comment too soon or spoke about her friend, for example, in an offensive way then don’t be surprised if she’s not talking to you all of a sudden.

6.She didn’t feel the connection


A woman can ghost you if she doesn’t really feel a connection with you.


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