10 rules of being in a 'friends with benefits' arrangement

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Do I need to explain what that is? I probably should just in case...so a FWB situation is where you're solely with someone for sex. None of you is expecting that to turn into anything more. It's purely coitus, busting a nut and going home. While it sounds like a pretty basic arrangement, a lot can go completely batshit crazy in such a situation. There are many things you should not do with someone you're with for just sex. And many times, in such situations, you actually end up catching feelings which is for lack of better words, pardon me, a BITCH!

For that reason, there are rules you should follow when getting into a FWB situation to avoid misunderstandings:

1. Never ever start such an arrangement with a good friend.

You will end up being enemies so if the guy or girl is a really good friend, just leave it at that.

2. Be honest and make your intentions clear from the get-go.

Let's face it. No one likes to be used. Before you get into such an arrangement, make sure your partner fully understands that there's nothing more than just sex. In my unsolicited humble opinion, you should actually never get involved with someone who is already in a relationship or one who is married.

3. And when it comes to sex, speak your mind!

Hey, you're only there to receive some world class strokes right? He might as well be hitting it right. Otherwise, what's the point? Be open about your sexual desires and expectations.

4. Be emotionally ready.

It's probably not best to get into a FWB situation when you're emotionally unstable, say right after a breakup or traumatic experience. Give yourself time to heal so that you're not needy emotionally. There's nothing more annoying than a needy person.

5. Speaking of which, do not be clingy.

This is not your boyfriend or girlfriend, don't keep texting them. Even if you text, it should only be sexting or asking when you're meeting again for, you know what.

6. Always use protection when engaging in sexual activities.

Does this even need an explanation?

7. Be on the look out for your next boyfriend.

Remember you're not really dating this person so keep looking for your next potential boyfriend.

8. And when you do or when they do get into a relationship,

Be undertanding. You simply cannot get jealous. Remember point number 2?

9. Avoid doing couple stuff together.

The goal is to not catch feelings. If you go on dates, have sleep overs and spooning sessions, sooner than later, you will catch feelings and the ending will be ugly since one of you probably wants nothing more than a FWB arrangement.

10. Talk about how this situationship will end.

I know it sounds weird but it's important to make the timeline clear or talk about the end. What will happen when one of you starts dating? Will you remain friends? Will you end what you have for good? It's important to have a clear picture of the end to avoid a dramatic turn of events.


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