Clinton supporters cause havoc in US cities… Some storm into Donald Trump home in New York (Photos)

Hillary Clinton garnered 48% of total popular votes cast against Donald Trump’s 47%. But American system couldn’t allow her to be the next US president, and her supporters are totally pissed.


On Tuesday 8 November 2016, Ghafla! wrote an article highlighting how Donald Trump could easily cruise to victory even if Hillary Clinton won popular vote.

The reason was Electoral College vote; Americans don’t really vote for their president per se. Despite Clinton defeating Trump with 202,340 popular votes, the Republican candidate went on to be next US president because he won most Electoral College votes.

In case you are wondering why Trump won fair and square yet there are protests all over American cities, it’s just that Clinton supporters clearly see that they won but their candidate was just f**ked up by skewed US electoral system; a system where majority win and minority carry the day.

Hundreds of angry demonstrators poured out in the streets of New York, Las Vegas, Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles etc, to protest against Trump’s unexpected win.

In New York, protesters attempted to storm into Trump Tower where US-president elect lives; he owns an opulent penthouse in the 58-storey skyscraper.

A number of arrests were made as police tried to push people back from the entrance to Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in New York.


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