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Son buys his mother BMW after 8 years in prison

The young man presented his mother with roses and bundles of cash.

Mother in disbelief after seeing her son

A heartwarming story unfolded when a U.S.-based man recently garnered attention for a touching surprise he prepared for his mother upon his release from prison.

The young man, who goes by the username Firstselection on TikTok, shared a heartfelt video in which he expressed that it had been eight long years since he last saw his mother.

Holding a small carton in his hands, he ventured out to the backyard, where his mother was waiting, unaware of the upcoming surprise.


Despite the rain that was falling, the mother immediately dropped her umbrella when she laid eyes on her son. Overwhelmed with emotion, they embraced tightly, both shedding tears of joy and relief.

This emotional reunion video quickly captured the hearts of viewers, serving as a powerful reminder of the enduring love and unbreakable bond between a mother and her child.

The young man, in an act of appreciation and affection, presented his mother with a bouquet of roses and a bundle of cash. The mother was left in disbelief, profoundly touched by the unexpected and heartwarming gesture.

As the woman was still in shock, her son took her gently by the hand and led her outside, where a gleaming black car awaited. He guided her to the driver's seat, revealing an extraordinary gift.


Overwhelmed with emotions, the mother couldn't hold back her tears as she gazed at her son, feeling a mixture of surprise, joy, and gratitude.

The young man, deeply moved by the reunion, expressed his gratitude to his mother for her unwavering support and love over the years.

He thanked her for answering his calls, for being there even when they were physically apart, and for the sacrifices she made to ensure his well-being.


Kween Ms J is my son teacher and she is the best lady I have ever met. I’m glad you was able to surprise her.

Nicky Bt if he's coming from prison where did he get all that money? 😢

Lovemylord1 I haven’t seen my son for 13 yrs. I had a stroke a few days after being told he’d be gone for 15 yrs. I’ll see my son again next week. My God, My God.


kleoh8 People always post these like it's soo cool,if u don't put ur self in prison,wouldn't have put ur mom through 8 yrs of no seeing you.

𝕥ꫀꫀ J Crying 😭This is a mother who has endured, prayed, and loved her son to the depths of her soul. don't leave her, ever.

arrogantbrawdd She honestly didn’t care about nothing else except the fact that her baby was finally home. Love this!

NawfEast Regg Man I remember seeing my mom run out the courtroom, 8yrs later she ran and jumped in my arms, a vision I’ll never forget 🤞🏾


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