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3 deadliest roads in Nairobi - NTSA reveals

NTSA also revealed the day of the week when most accidents occur

Remains of a private vehicle involved in an accident

According to the number of deaths that have been recorded on the roads, Mombasa Road, Waiyaki Way and Outering Road are the top deadliest roads in the capital.

In the past year, 42 deaths occurred on Mombasa road while Waiyaki and Outering had 38 and 31 fatalities respectively.

In November 2017, Mombasa road only recorded 36 deaths while Waiyaki and Outering had 31 and 19 respectively.


Thika Superhighway improved in its ranking coming in at the fourth position with 23 fatalities compared to 85 last year.

Leading Cause of Road Accidents

NTSA explained that the leading cause of road carnage in the city is the lack of footbridges and clearly marked crossing points on the busy roads.

Many of the victims of road accidents in Nairobi were noted to be motorists in private vehicles and pedestrians.


Out of the 346 lives lost on Nairobi roads, 238 were pedestrians, 40 were passengers, 33 drivers, 47 motorcycle riders and 7 pedal cyclists.

Private vehicles recorded 102 casualties while public service vehicles (PSVs) had 87 deaths.

In like manner as 2017, weekends were ranked as the most dangerous day to travel as most deaths were recorded on Sunday and Saturday with the least number of deaths recorded on Mondays.

In 2018 road carnage deaths were highest on Sunday with 79 cases recorded followed by Saturday with 58, 55 on Friday and 48 on Monday.


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