Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino and his Starehe counterpart Charles Njagua have finally made peace, after exchanging blows a few months ago.

Through posts and photos shared on their social media platforms, the two assured Kenyans that all is well between  them adding that they had set aside their political differences to focus on National unity and service delivery to the  people.

Their sentiments come days after President Uhuru Kenyatta and NASA Leader Raila Odinga signed an agreement that will see them, work together for the benefit of the common Mwananchi.

“Today I met Hon@Jaguarkenya at parliament and we reconciled our differences. Promised to work together to serve the interest of Kenyans.” Shared Babu Owino

"Kenya is Finally one..." wrote Jaguar after making peace with Owino.

Last year, the two legislators were involved in fist fight at Parliament buildings due to their political differences and affliations.

In a video that  went viral on social media, Owino was heard telling the MP that Raila Odinga was the President of Kenya.

Owino’s statement angered Jaguar who decided to storm the News centre asking: "Where is this Babu? He must respect the President."

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On hearing this, Babu who was in the building together with journalists, hit back: "Which president? The only president I know is Raila Odinga."  The two were separated by security personnel at Parliament.

On March 9, Uhuru and Odinga met at Harambee house for the sake of uniting Kenyans.

Addressing the press after the meeting, Odinga stated that they met with the President for the sake of uniting the country.

The Opposition leader mentioned that they had agreed with President Kenyatta to unite the country stating that it had started with the leaders.

"We have responded to our challenges by mostly running from them, we have moved from election to election never asking what effects these challenges will have on our nation," Odinga said.

On the other hand, Kenyatta affirmed that no one was bigger than the country and they would begin the process of healing the country after elections.