Murkomen under fire after tweet about Raila

Murkomen was responding to attacks meted on DP Ruto by ODM MPs

Mr Murkomen, who described Odinga's latest move to hate Kalenjins as deplorable and sad, prompted a backlash from a section of netizens who felt that he was out of order, to initiate a communal hatred conversation.

“Raila for the last three elections ran a campaign against one community- the Kikuyus coz is main competitors were from Central.

“Today  he has officially through Gladys Wanga and company launched a new line focused on Kalenjins just coz 2022 competitor is William Ruto. Deplorable and sad,” Murkomen tweeted.

A Kibiwott Christopher, replied to Murkomen saying: “It's a shame to see a leader like you thinking on tribal lines and inciting people along the same.

“I belong to this tribe and I'll never vote for thieves. I will vote for someone who guarantees freedom and an enabling environment for growth; tribe notwithstanding. Leader my foot!”

Another twitter user, Calystus Murunga tweeted to the lawmaker, urging him to stop propagating hatred.

“You stoop too law. Are you not the guys who killed and maimed Kikuyus in Eldoret. Look for a better way to sell your agenda and not polarize the country. Kenyans understand your hidden meaning. My prayer is that your divisive plan to ride on collapses. Stop being inhuman,” he twteeted.

It's wrong

Joshua Owino Opany‏ said: “Mheshimiwa using the tribal narrative is not good for this country I thought the statement was about Rutto and not any tribe...please it's wrong to assume that all the time you talk about Raila you are talking about the luo.”

Another user, Elijah Onserio‏ said: “Mhesimiwa ni siasa tu but then Hon Raila Odinga never ran against Kikuyus but for Kenyan presidency and mark you his legal advisor is a Kikuyu,son married to a Kikuyu and he helped Kibaki a Kikuyu to be a president.His father too left the presidency to Jomo Kenyatta a kikuyu!!NKt”

A Thee Alpha  tweeted: “You use tribe to steer anger for you to prosper (divisive politics). You create an image that one tribe is targeted. May God give you what you deserve Murkomen.”

Adede Adede‏’s message read: “Murkomen u need to be honest enough and advise your Boss Ruto well. Jakom is in road of explaining to his constituents on what went on and the reason as to why he opted for the handshake. Ruto will fail terribly because of Graft ,bitterness and being vengeful.”


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