Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja has come under the spot for clapping while President Uhuru Kenyatta accused the Kenyan youth of being corrupt and being untrustworthy.

Keen observers uploaded the footage from the Kasarani Sports Stadium event where Kenyatta defended his appointment of the former Vice President Moody Awori.

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko was also spotted clapping, although Sakaja took most of the public backlash – perhaps because of his youthful age.

“Chief, is this you clapping when the president said that youths are thieves? The same youths you always scream to be empowering? Thanks for showing us your true colours. 2022 isn't very far,” Gabriel Oguda tweeted.

“Sakaja clapping when youth are declared thieves hahaha..the level of bootlicking is high don't blame sakaja he need handouts from masters,” Steve Kirotich said.

Kenya Young Parliamentarians

“Uhuru amesema afadhali a 91-year old Moody Awori juu youths ni wezi. Slay kings like Sakaja are laughing while clapping after those remarks. Vijana mjipange peke yenu,” Job Oyugi stated.

The Nairobi Senator rose to national politics after President Kenyatta picked him to Chair The National Alliance (TNA) at the age of 28.

He was later nominated to Parliament in 2013 before being elected to the Senate in 2017 while aged 32 years.

Sakaja is also the Chairperson of the Kenya Young ParliamentariansAssociation and has presented him as an ardent defender of youth issues.

Here is the VIDEO