President Uhuru Kenyatta differs with Raila Odinga [Video]

President Kenyatta and Raila reading from different scripts

Speaking at State House during a meeting that brought together stakeholders from government and the Private Sector Alliance, the president made it clear that he does not support calls for a constitutional referendum championed by Odinga.

“I have no time to run around telling people to change the Constitution. It won’t solve the problems we have.” The president stated.

“So, my good friends…the solution is not to say, oh let’s go run around the country… and we engage with what we have. We don’t have time.” He added.

Below is the video of a section of the President's speech.

The opposition boss has in recent days revived calls for a constitutional amendment that could see the return of the position of Prime Minister with the introduction of a three tier government system.

At a past event, Odinga had hinted that constitutional amendment formed part of the March 09 deal that saw the two leaders shelve their political differences in pursuit of national unity.

With yesterday’s declaration by the president, it is not clear which direction the push for a referendum and the unity initiative fronted by the two leaders will take with the two leaders taking opposing stands.

Yesterday’s event coming in the wake of a multi-billion scandal at NYS, the president delved into the issue of rampant corruption, making it clear that corruption will be fought ruthlessly and those involved dealt with decisively.

“We are going to deal ruthlessly with corruption both real and perceived,” President Kenyatta said.


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