Richard Quest, CNN‘s Quest Means Business anchor, has now come out to clear the air on what can be seen as treason on the part of Nigeria’s Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed.

During Friday night’s show, Mohammed was asked: “Which country makes the best Jollof rice.”

One can only imagine the shock Nigerians received when he responded with “I’ll have to say Senegal”.

Quest jumped in on the shocking response, taken unawares himself, he asked, "Senegal?! I hear a shock across the country, I hear a sigh across the country. Minister, thank you very much,” he added.

However, in a series of tweets, Quest has said that Mohammed misheard the question that was asked.

He tweeted, “He thought I asked, who first created jollof rice – hence his (correct) answer Senegal."

Prior to his tweet, Twitter NG had a field day dragging and is still dragging the minister for his statement.

The battle for the country that makes the best jollof rice has been ongoing for years and Nigerians have continued to hold on to that trophy.