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Africa needs more software developers, how ALX can help you become one

#FeatureByALXAfrica - ALX is training tech professionals who are helping to digitally transform businesses around the globe

Africa needs more software developers [Photo: DCStudio]

Technology is the next frontier of the industrial revolution and it is evident that the field has risen to become an essential pillar of economies the world over.

Tech professionals, and specifically software engineers, are the backbone of major digital transformations in governments and businesses. This is why the professionals are in high demand.

Statistics indicate that there are 23 million software engineers and developers in the world but only 690,000 of them are in Africa. The global demand for these experts is projected to reach 27 million by 2023.

Software engineers & developers in Kenya earn an average of Sh100,000 monthly salary and because these professionals often have opportunities to work with a wide range of clients globally, they can earn up to Sh350,000 in one month.


Part of the reason they are highly paid is because acquiring the skill set and growing proficiency needed to develop software is hard, it requires time, dedication and grit. You also need to have computer programming and coding skills.

Developers will often be in charge of projects and have to work well with company leadership to succeed in the career, therefore, it becomes necessary for these professionals to learn how to lead teams.

With this in mind, it is necessary for anyone seeking to build a career in software engineering to enroll for a course at a credible institution.


ALX Africa is a leading institution offering a 12-month software engineering course that you can apply for here and start learning on January 23, 2023 if your application is successful.

The programme will require you to prove your commitment to software engineering by meeting the programme's high standards.

In addition, you will need to dedicate 70 hours in a week for the duration of the course and achieve a cumulative score of 80% in all your projects in the first month of the programme.

With the training and certification, ALX provides, you will have the opportunity to join other talented tech professionals who are helping to digitally transform businesses around the globe.





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