Expensive Things You Can Buy With Bitcoin

Bitcoin is at the top of the cryptocurrency food chain. The cryptocurrency has reached a level of success and influence that no other has ever come close to and continues to move in the right direction with each passing day. The progress Bitcoin has made over the years is immense, but one of the biggest positives for Bitcoin users is Bitcoin’s acceptance into the mainstream. While it might have been an issue back in the day, Bitcoin payments are now an option in thousands of shops around the globe! That being said, Bitcoin enthusiasts now have a chance to spend their Bitcoin on some top-notch shopping, and here are some of the most expensive things they can get!

Expensive Things You Can Buy With Bitcoin (courtesy)

A Travel Adventure

It might be a bit cliché at this point, but travel is truly one of the most impactful things someone can spend their money on these days. Getting the chance to travel around the globe and explore all of the beauty it has to offer is an incredible experience that fuels personal growth. Even if you’re just aiming for a quick getaway, the benefits are undeniable. Taking a break from your everyday routine and relaxing on the beach with a few cocktails can do wonders. With this in mind, spending some of your Bitcoin savings on a nice vacation doesn’t seem like a bad investment.

Some of the many service providers that are now Bitcoin-friendly include more than a couple of great travel booking websites. With the help of sites like Expedia, Destinia, and CheapAir, you can plan out a lavish dream vacation pretty much anywhere in the world. With both tickets and accommodations covered, all that’s left up to you is deciding on a destination. You can go for the adventurous option and cross of a few bucket list items by making it a world tour or go for the chill option and have a nice time at a luxurious resort.

Watches & Jewelry

If you want to get decked out in the best bling but aren’t sure your Bitcoin savings are at the point you want them to be, then it might be a good idea to replenish them. A great way you can do this is by following the recent trend of Bitcoin trading platforms. This top-notch software makes the Bitcoin trading process a breeze by offering great tools and helpful info. From simple tips to fully automating trading through advanced AI tech, they’re a great way to boost your profits. To get you started, you can try and invest with this bitcoin trading app!

With your savings right where you want them to be, you can treat yourself to some very expensive accessories that will have everyone turning their heads. While a high price tag doesn’t always equate to great taste, it can certainly point you in the right direction. For a timeless piece that you can match with anything, you can head over to the Bitcoin-friendly online shop JavyEstella and explore their collection of Rolexes! You can also check out the variety of beautiful gold and diamond accessories at retailers such as REEDS.

High-Fashion Pieces

If you’re a Bitcoin enthusiast with an eye for fashion, then we’ve got great news for you. Vintage is in this season, and the now Bitcoin-friendly Etsy is the best place to find some stylish pieces. While not all of the shops Etsy hosts accept Bitcoin payments, the majority of expensive and luxury brands on the website welcome the cryptocurrency with open arms. If you’re more of a brand chaser looking to update your Gucci, Supreme, or Off-White collection, then you can visit the Crypto Emporium, where you can find all of the designer clothes your heart desires!

Powerful Gaming PC

If there’s one thing that everyone seems to agree on these days, it’s that video games are among the best sources of entertainment of our time. Thanks to the immense progress video games have achieved over the last two decades, there’s something out there for everyone to enjoy. Incredibly realistic graphics, immersive gameplay, and intriguing storylines are now a part of the basic package for most video games, but all of these great achievements come at a very high price.

To give some of the best upcoming titles a shot, you’re going to need a very powerful, very expensive PC. Thankfully, Bitcoin has you covered. There are many reputable Bitcoin-friendly electronics shops that you can browse through on the web, but we recommend the top-notch pricy PC selection at Newegg. The price range of the devices varies quite significantly, but if performance is most important to you, we recommend going for the ridiculously expensive Alienware PCs.

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