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#PulseUhondoMtaani: Omosh's 1st wife asks Kenyans to build her a house, Lynn Ngugi quits Tuko & other stories

#PulseUhondoMtaani; The top trending stories of the week

Larry Madowo, Anita Fabiola, Lynn Ngugi and Omosh

It’s another exciting weekend and #PulseUhondoMtaani as is always the case is here to update you on the best of the entertainment world, and what you might have missed.

So, let’s get to the business of the day;

Omosh's first wife asks Kenyans to build her a house too [Video]


Judy Wachuka, alias Mrs Ngatia who the first wife of popular actor Omosh Kizangila, has now appealed to Kenyans to build her a house.

This comes just months after radio presenter Jalang'o handed Omosh a 3-bedroom house along Kangundo road.

Speaking in a recent interview where the couple appeared together, Mrs. Ngatia said they are living in a bedsitter with their three children in Kayole.

She added that they have not paid rent for two months while Omosh's second wife currently occupies the house well-wishers built for him.

She acknowledged that Omosh's second wife took priority because she has little children who need special care.


“Even if I get a one-bedroom, metal house, I would move into it very fast. I don’t want to disturb people because I know times are hard. I would appreciate it even if I get a temporary structure for now,” she said.

Mrs Ngatia, who owes her landlord Sh10,000 in rent arrears explained that this was not the first time she was unable to afford rent but the pandemic had made things worse.

“My landlords used to see us on TV and would not believe that we could not pay rent. One time, I used to stay in Umoja but was thrown out by the landlord saying my husband has a big name,” she divulged.

Mrs Ngatia added that the situation was so embrassing that she would wear a buibui in public to avoid getting noticed.

Omosh's response


On his part, Omosh acknowleged that in deed his first wife needed a house to move into and avoid paying rent.

"Luck fell on my second wife but my dream is to also build my first wife a house. If we can get money, there is land where a house can be built for her. Before I die, she will have a house," Omosh vowed.

Mrs Ngatia added that one of the wishes of Omosh's late father was for the actor to build his first wife a house at a piece of land in Karura which he allocated them.

Yes, I’m Leaving- Lynn Ngugi confirms Exit from Tuko


Media personality Lynn Ngugi announced that she is parting ways with TUKO, a digital media house.

Ms Ngugi who has been the Producer and Host for Tuko Talks took to social media to bid goodbye to her TUKO family, stating that her time at the Digital Media was coming to an end.

She noted that the information was already out there that she was leaving, something that forced her to make it official via her social media platforms.

“Yes I am leaving Tuko but I promise you this is not goodbye, talk soon… And no, this is not a joke. I would never do that to you. However, the information is partly out there and I wanted you to hear it from me first. Love you all and thank you,” shared Lynn Ngugi.

However, despite the exit, Lynn is yet to reveal where she is headed next. While at Tuko, Lynn used to do Human interest and inspiring stories, something that made her a darling to many.


In July, she was awarded the I Change Nations Community Ambassador Award, for a job well done in her line of duty.

Larry Madowo lands News Anchor role at CNN

Kenyan-born international media personality Larry Madowo has made another big move at CNN.

In a post on his social media channels, Larry announced that he would be anchoring at CNN for “a little bit”.


"New thing alert, I’m anchoring on CNN International from Atlanta for a little bit. Join me Live today and every weekday,” Madowo revealed.

He explained that the bulletin airs live at 12 pm in New York but his fans in Kenya can tune in at 7 pm.

This comes just days after he was promoted to become a CNN International correspondent and relocated to Atlanta.

Two months prior, Madowo was poached from BBC and first appointed as a Nairobi-based correspondent.

Before joining CNN as their Nairobi-based correspondent, Madowo was assigned to North America as a correspondent for BBC based in Washington DC where he covered the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 US elections, the death of George Floyd, and the trial of Derek Chauvin.


Madowo previously served as the BBC Africa Business Editor, before exiting the Media House for One year.

He later made a comeback to BBC as their North America correspondent, a position he vacated after joining CNN.

Madowo previously worked for KTN, NTV and CNBC Africa.

Governor Alfred Mutua’s advice to young people in love days after separation


Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua has advised young people in love to always aspire for a relationship that is amicable.

“I’m a believer in love and I believe that you need to never give up on love, regards of what… and always celebrate the people coming to your life. Always have a relationship with everybody who is coming into your life that is amicable, a relationship of friendliness” said Mutua.

In an interview, the Machakos County Boss added that If you love somebody, that love never goes away, even when you are you separated.

“And I see young people wanakosana wanatukanana na kupigana, that's BS, if you have been in love with somebody that love never goes away. Everybody should treat the other kindly and you move on with life. Maisha iko ivo, and that the adivce I give them”. Said Governor Mutua.

Mutua’s advice come days’ after he went public with his separation with wife Lillian Nganga.


The two love birds revealed that their marriage ended about two months ago, but maintained that they will remain friends.

I’m not your MP- Khaligraph Jones on claims remaining silent on recent killings

Award-winning Rapper and Kenyan Hip-Hopper Brian Robert Ouko alias Khaligraph Jones has fired back at critics claiming he has not been part of crusaders condemning the recent police Brutality.

In a post, Papa Jones made it clear that he is not a Member of Parliament and therefore he can only push for change through his huge Influence.


He added that he doesn’t hold any public office for Netizens to mount unnecessary pressure on him.

“OG is not Your Member of Parliament, I can only influence and push for Change but I am no politician, I hold no public office, as we head to the Elections Kindly Remember to vote wisely, I will not be there with you as you cast your vote but you will have the power to change everything meanwhile we will Continue Being Activists condemning everything that is wrong with That said, End police Brutality and End the Curfew, Respect The Ogs” said Khaligraph Jones.

The statement come hours after Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi alleged that Khaligraph had ignored his Kayole People. On Thursday, Kayole residents held demonstrations, protesting the killing of a 38-year-old man by police officers reinforcing curfew in the area.

Comedian & Radio Presenter Auntie Jemimah announces Pregnancy as she turns 32


Comedian and Radio Personality Wangari Nguri alias Auntie Jemimah is expecting her first child as she turns 32.

Auntie Jemimah made the announcement on Thursday, by sharing an exquisite photo capturing her baby bump, stating that’s she is excited about the new chapter in her life.

“32. New chapter. New Title” wrote Auntie Jemimah.

Auntie Jemimah co-hosts Gukena drive show with Wagura wa Githui (Monday to Friday) and she also has another show on Sunday from 10am on Gukena FM.

The news of Auntie Jemimah expecting her first child excited a good number of fans and followers who could not help it but gush over her with lovely comments.


Jemimah's funny skits, which she does in Kikuyu have earned her hundreds of thousands of followers on YouTube and social media.

Ex-NTV presenter Anita Fabiola engaged to longtime boyfriend in Maldives [Photos]

Media Personality Anita Fabiola is officially off the market after being proposed to by her longtime boyfriend Mark Ronald.

In an update, the former NTV Uganda Presenter said that Ronald popped the Big question “Will You Marry Me” on Tuesday and she gladly said Yes.


The gorgeous Ms Fabiola said that she is happy to be spending the rest of her life with her best friend and man of her dreams.

“On Tuesday August 17th, I said YES to the my Superman, my best friend and the man of my dreams. You know how they say that when you meet “THE ONE” you’ll know ? That was my reality. I knew from day one that “MY ONE” had found me. I’m so excited for this new chapter of our lives. I’m fulfilled. ❤️❤️❤️” shared Anita Fabiola.

She Said Yes!

On the other hand, an excited Mark Ronald was over the moon that Anita said YES to his proposal.


“She said yeeeeeeees💍❤️… I’m the luckiest man in the world. #she said yes” wrote Ronald.

I’m a father of Two - Willis Raburu’s humble request over his late daughter Adana

Citizen TV Presenter Willis Raburu issued a statement requesting media outlets and blogs to address him as a father of two whenever they are making reference to the number of kids he has.

The 10/10 host made it clear that just because his daughter passed on, that doesn’t stop him from being a father of two. He noted that he has always been addressed as a new father or father of one, something he said is not factual.


“It has however come to my attention while reading some of them that I am constantly referred to as a “Father of One” This however is not the case. As many of you know I lost my daughter Adana. For those who have gone through such loss, you know that it Never leaves You” Raburu said.

Raburu pointed out that pain of losing a loved one (Daughter) never goes away and sometimes he wishes that his daughter was still alive.

“Society often, though not always, tends to annihilate the man, make him look devoid of feeling because “Men ought not to feel” or “You did not carry the baby” while the last one part is true, what is also true is that we feel. That I feel pain each day, that I still cry, that I still wish she was here. I honor her” said Raburu.

Willis Raburu went on to acknowledge that recently, he welcomed a bouncing baby boy with girlfriend Ivy Namu, and whenever he looks at him, he sees pure Heaven.

New Born


“Recently, I got an amazing young boy. I see Heaven each Time I look at him. He truly my heart. I am therefore without a shadow of doubt a FATHER OF TWO. Not a new father.

I would therefore like to request the blogs who know me to refer to me as such. Loss is painful but can never be negated, no matter what or who thinks so. It’s humble request not a demand, should you still continue to refer to me otherwise is Ok. I know my Truth. That Willis Wayne Edwin Opiyo Otondi Raburu is a father of Two” wrote Willis Raburu.

KOT throws Juliani at the Center of Alfred Mutua & Lillian Nganga’s separation

Utawala Hit-maker Juliani has been thrown at the center of Governor Alfred Mutua and his now ex-wife Lillian Nganga's separation by Kenyans On Twitter.


On Sunday, KOT surfaced Lillian Nganga’s photos and videos with Juliani, insinuating that he might have something to do with the separation that apparently happened two months ago.

Many argued that Juliani and Ms Nganga’s photos looked suspicious, with a section asking the musician to clear the air, on whether the speculations have some truth in them.

The discussion surrounding Mutua’s separation with his Wife, made him and Juliani trending topics on Twitter, with everyone trying hard for his/her sentiments to be heard.

The Statement

On August 15, 2021, Mutua and his now ex-wife issued statements informing their fans and followers that they ended their marriage two months ago.


Ms Nganga claimed the winds of change had blown her way and she had severed her relationship with the governor without going into details.

Samidoh addresses fight with Karen Nyamu [Video]

Popular Kikuyu musician Samuel Muchoki aka Samidoh has addressed the recent drama involving his baby mama Karen Nyamu.

This is the first time Samidoh has spoken about the viral video where Ms Nyamu accused him of physically assaulting her on August 10.


The musician was speaking after mediating a dispute between comedians Henry Desagu and Sleepy David on Thursday, August 19.

His situation with baby mama became an elephant in the room, with Samidoh being questioned about why he was helping the two comedians make peace instead of removing the log in his eye.

“Unajua mungu akikupenda sana kuna zile fights zinakuwanga kwako, unafight-iwa na mapenzi na ruciaro. (You know when God blesses you there are those fights that emerge between love and bloodline. That is a show of God’s blessings...its life),” he responded.

Samidoh’s relationship with Karen Nyamu has become a media spectacle with plot twists at every corner.

Earlier in 2021 when the affair which resulted in their first child together was confirmed, the musician publicly apologised to his wife Edith Nderitu and signalled that he had called it quits with his baby mama.


Insider reveals Ben Kitili's replacement after leaving KTN

KTN’s Ben Kitili bid his fans goodbye as he left presented his final news bulletin at the station on Tuesday, August 17, 2021.

Kitili’s final broadcast after 8 years at KTN was visibly emotional for him as he thanked his fans and bosses for the opportunity afforded to him.

"This is my final appearance here on this show after being on this primetime seat for the past eight years. It's my time to take my final bow as a language that Barack Muluka would use, this is my valedictorian show and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the support Over the last eight years. Many thanks for watching as always it is," he said, adding that he was lucky to have a job that he found hard to say goodbye to.


Highly placed sources revealed that Kitili was heading to NTV to take the role of News Editor.

In the position, Kitili will be in charge of the NTV newsroom, guiding reporters and anchors as well as helping the station's news coverage.

He had previously worked at NTV before he resigned in 2013 and hosted a show alongside former presenter Lizz Ntonjira.

At KTN, Kitili hosted a political show (Inside Politics) every Sunday from 11 am to 1 pm where he interviewed political leaders from different factions. Additionally, he anchored prime-time news every Tuesday on Newsline.

According to our sources, Sharon Momanyi will be taking over the Newsline bulletin after Kitili’s departure and KTN will be in the market for for new anchors.


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