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3 times you should never brush your teeth

Keep your teeth clean and healthy


And although you might not have been doing it religiously, you at least try to brush twice a day. And all that is okay. But that’s not the issue. The issue is that no one ever told us that there are also times we should avoid brushing our teeth. Huh? Read that right.

In as much as you want to maintain dental hygiene, here are three instances when you better not brush your teeth. That is unless you don’t really love your teeth hahaa.


1. After vomiting

This is the worst time to brush your teeth yet you might feel like it’s the best time. With the awful taste all over your mouth, you will want to brush immediately. But then, it is advisable to only swish your mouth with plain water to get rid of the taste. The strong stomach acids that passed through your mouth can damage your enamel. Take time to allow saliva to dissolve the acids in your mouth before brushing. After vomiting, your enamel is already weak from the stomach acids and brushing them will only do more harm than good.

2. Right after eating

Guilty of this? Worry not, you are not alone. Especially in the morning, you will want to brush right after breakfast so that you are not late for work. Even so, experts advise staying for at least 20 minutes before brushing your teeth after a meal. Taking some time allows saliva to balance the pH of your mouth and neutralize the acids from the food you just ate.

3. Before taking an acidic meal


If you know you are just about to eat or drink something that is acidic, then don’t brush your teeth first. Although you don’t want a plaque on the surface of your teeth, it will at least shield your enamel from the acids. Brushing removes the plaque thus leaving your teeth exposed to acids which can damage your teeth. Just enjoy your meal first, then brush later.


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