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Myth or truth: Do spectacles give you small eyes?

Ever heard the saying that wearing glasses makes your eyes smaller?

Do spectacles make your eyes small? [jumia]

Let’s find out if this is just a myth or if there’s any truth to it. After all, in the world of eyewear, there are as many myths as there are styles of frames!

The optical illusion explained

First things first, it's crucial to understand how glasses work. Spectacles correct vision by bending light rays.

For those with nearsightedness, lenses are concave, which can make the eyes appear slightly smaller. But here’s the catch - it’s more of an optical illusion rather than an actual physical change to your eyes.


The magnification effect

On the flip side, farsighted individuals wear convex lenses, which can actually make the eyes look bigger. So, it really depends on the type of lenses you're wearing.

The magnifying or minimizing effect is just a visual trick - your eyes remain the same size, regardless of your spectacles.

The role of frame and lens design

Modern advancements in lens technology have minimized these effects. High-index lenses, for instance, are thinner and cause less distortion, regardless of your prescription strength.


Also, the design of your frames can influence this illusion. Larger frames can make the eyes seem more proportionate, reducing the 'tiny eye' effect.

Busting the myth

So, do spectacles make your eyes tiny? For most people, it’s more about perception than reality. While certain types of lenses can create an illusion of smaller eyes, there's no permanent effect on your eye size.

It's all about choosing the right frames and lenses for your face and prescription. Glasses are a fantastic way to correct vision and can be a stylish accessory, so don’t let this myth hold you back!


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