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These cute rasta kids will make you consider putting dreads on your little one (Photos)

Dare to dread!

I always feel pity when I go to the salon and see little girls sitting in pain as their hair is being plaited or undone. If you’re an open-minded parent, you should consider getting your child some dreads (6 and above). Yeah, I know it’s a tough conversation and even controversial sometimes, especially cause the black hair dialogues revolve around historical, cultural and political aspects and can easily move from “Aww cute style” to “Black Lives Matter” real fast…

Before you consider putting dreads on your child, you have to consider a lot of things, will your child like them? Does the school allow? Will you be able to maintain them in terms of time and cost? What of opinions of the society? Will you and your child handle the sometimes-ignorant opinions on dreads?Like being asked questions like...“Mbona uliweka Junior hizo nywele za Mungiki?”

It’s not always easy but then again, life is too short to live a life pleasing others. Do what you feel is right; after all it’s your child. You should talk to parents whose kids have locs to find the right Loctician who can advice on whether your child’s hair texture is strong enough to handle locs; you can also show your child photos of other kids with dreads and ask them if they like the style. Remind them that getting locs is all about patience!


One thing I like about locs is that it’s easier to maintain. While you have to go to the barber or hairdresser nearly every two weeks, with locs, you can learn to repair the roots yourself and maintain the locs by washing them every now and then at home. You can also style them neatly for school and if your child grows up to hate them, hey, you can always shave them and have a fresh start.

Thinking of going the locs way? These photos of kids with dreads will totally inspire you:


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