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Amazing health benefits of custard apple(matomoko)

Custard apples are commonly known as matomoko in Kenya.

Custard apple

These fruits which do well in tropical regions are not only creamy and sweet but also super healthy. And since they do well in most parts in Kenya, they are not hard to come by in the market.

Check out some of the amazing health benefits of eating matomoko:



Custard apple (graviola) has several compounds with antioxidants abilities. Antioxidants damage free radicals thus keeping our bodies free from diseases. Some of the antioxidants in custard apple include; tannins, flavonoids, saponins, and phytosterols.

2.Lowers blood pressure

High blood pressure increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Studies show that custard apple has abilities to regulate blood pressure without increasing the heart rate.



The fruit also contains dietary fiber which is known to improve digestion process. It eases the movement of food and also softens the stool preventing constipation.

4.Healthy eyes

Matomoko contain good amounts of vitamin A and C both which are good for healthier eyes and better eyesight.



There are days you just feel tired even though you haven’t been working. To spike up your energy levels, consider eating a custard apple. It fights fatigue and the Potassium in it improves blood supply thus eliminating muscle weakness.


This fruit is mostly recommended for pregnant women because it has the ability to counter mood swings, nausea and morning sickness. It also increases milk production after delivery.

7.Relieves pain


Custard apple has inflammatory properties making it a good pain reliever.

8.Healthy skin and hair

Thanks to the high amounts of vitamin A in custard apple, it helps with achieving a great skin and hair. It helps with moisturization as well as anti-aging.


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