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Taking this amount of alcohol per week could shorten your life by 5 years

This applies to beer, wines and spirits.

The research had the drinking habits of 600,000 drinkers examined.

It found that people who have 10-15 drinks a week had their lives cut short by 1-2 years, while drinking 18 drinks a week shortens life by five years.

Health experts recommend no more than six beers a week or 7 glasses of wine per week.


There was no increased risk of death for light drinkers.

The scientists conducting the research also modelled how much life a drinker could be expected to lose if they continued to drink the same way from the age of 40.

People who tool 10 drinks a week could shorten a lifespan by 6 months.

Other risks of alcohol.


The study also found that drinking increased risk of cardiovascular illness.

With every five beers, you raise the risk of:

Drinking three to four times a week also increased risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

If you take alcohol, try to take less of it and over long periods of time so as to minimize the health risks associated with drinking.



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