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Telltale signs that your baby is teething

How did your baby react to teething?

Teething(That Sister)

Every baby experiences teething differently. In most babies, the first tooth will show between 4-6 months. Some babies can take longer though and you should be patient.

Also, some babies show no signs while teething. Lucky them and their parents. However, some show serious symptoms that you might actually think they are sick. So, how do you tell if the baby is teething? We have listed a few signs that you should watch out for:

1. Drooling

Normally, babies drool from time to time. But if it’s become too much and you have to keep on wiping off the saliva, it’s possible that they are teething. Babies produce excess saliva when teething to cool down their inflamed gums.


2. Irritability

Babies can drive you mad when they choose to be stubborn. While babies can cry and get irritable for no apparent reason, they tend to be even more irritable while teething. They won’t even let you put them down for a minute without screaming.

3. They refuse to feed

If your baby has been refusing to feed, their gums may be sore due to teething.


4. Swollen gums

If you are very keen, you will notice that the baby’s gums are swollen as the teeth try to make their way to the surface.

5. Biting everything and anything in their mouth

They can have their little hands stuck in the mouth all the time and will also put anything they get hold of in their mouth. They may also bite your nipples when feeding.


6. Disturbed sleep

Teething can be painful making it harder for baby to get to sleep. At night, they will also wake up seeking comfort.

7. Pulling their ears

The little one may feel heat or pain in their ears and they react to it by pulling at their ears.

8. Diarrhea


Still, there are babies who react to teething through diarrhea.  


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