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Binge drinking? Here's 5 ways to keep off the alcohol odor at work

Five easy steps to functional alcoholism.

Don't get fired, keep your drinking on the low.

Time flies when you're nursing a hangover,  you'd be surprised at just how much work you can do when you're  going through the motions.  However,  there's no need to get into trouble.  Here are five ways you can keep the stench off your body,  how ever drunk you get.

1. Garlic

Trust, you're better off being labeled as garlic breath than an alcoholic. At least you won't lose your job. Have it in your tea,  your meals,  whatever it is, you'll be way better off.nothing masks alcohol odor like garlic.


2. Cigarettes

We get it, smoking is not the healthiest idea out there but enough smoke on your clothes should make the alcohol stench oblivious. However,  don't make it your go to lest you want to get addicted. Cancer is real guys.

3. Stock up on cologne

And we mean really good cologne. You need to get something  that sticks all through the day or simply get deodorant. Usually  your body excretes the alcohol through sweat so might want to keep dabbing it on a few times during the day.

4. Peanut butter or fish,  pick your poison


Okay so maybe it won't be that comfortable in your tummy after a long night of drinking  but peanut butter is great at masking the alcohol smell and so is fish. Make a sandwich for the munchies. Tuna or peanut butter should work just fine.

5. Coffee

No it ain't help with your hangover but it will keep the scent away. The richer the content the better.


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