Nagging mothers raise more successful daughters - study

As it turns out mummy actually knows best

Mothers have long been known to be the more persistent parent especially when it comes to teaching their children life lessons as well as disciplining them; especially their daughters.

Well it turns out that your mother may have been right for nagging you into doing all those things that you really do not want to do.

A study reveals that nagging mothers raise more successful daughters.

Apparently when your mother nags you about certain things, it is just to prepare you for future success.

The study conducted at the University of Essex tracked the experiences of over 15,000 British girls aged 13 and 14 years old for six years.

The findings of the research found that mothers that set high education standards for their daughters’ education, those girls were more likely to attend university, take better paying jobs and avoid teen pregnancies later on in life.

How does your mother nagging you translate to future success?

Setting high standards for your child will make them more inclined to achieve those standards as compared to not paying attention to their performance.

It is not a guarantee that nagging will assure your child’s success but it will definitely structure the path to your child’s success.


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