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Meet the Young Entrepreneur "Qudrah the King" revolutionizing the Scarfs Industry in Kenya

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Scarves are a piece of fabric worn around the neck for warmth and fashion or as a headgear especially for religious reasons.

They are made from a variety of material including but not limited to cotton, linen, cashmere, chiffon and other synthetic materials.


They were originally worn by men but as times passed women adapted this culture and it has since been an important fashion accessory. Scarves have also been a key piece of clothing in uniforms such as that worn by scouting movements aka

These days, they can be found in almost every aspect of our lives and are a mainstay in the fashion industry.

Today we will be focusing on Qudrah the King a young Entrepreneur revolutionizing the Scarf and Turban Industry in Kenya.

So can you tell us who is Qudrah and when did you start Nizar Line?

"My name is Qudrah but most of the people know by my alias Nizar, a very young and dedicated entrepreneur, venturing into business and doing the best in what opportunities I am presented. I started Nizar Line in December 2017, a company dedicated to providing customers with quality products scarfs at an affordable price!"


Why did you venture into to the Scarf Industry?

“The reason I started this scarf line was because I love matching different parts of my outfits and at the center of this is the coordination between my scarfs and shoes among others. It came to my realization when I was working as an employee in an office that colored quality scarfs that go well with my day to day attire were hard to find.”

"It was always a hassle trying to get different styled and colored scarfs from sellers all over the place just for me to have a decent look and being a Muslim made it an absolute inconvenience. This was why I decided to do something about it and create a brand that provides quality scarfs at a modest price."

Was it hard for you to venture into this kind of business or you had already positioned yourself as an entrepreneur?


“Making this decision wasn’t hard as I have always been an entrepreneur. My whole life has revolved around the principles of business and if I'm not buying or selling an item, I’m right around the corner getting you that item you need. It has always been my dream to have several businesses around other than being employed as I like to maximize the use of my time.”

What’s your take on those youth who are employed but they also dream of running their own empire sometime in the future?

“Employment is a good stepping stone to gain valuable experience needed in the day to day running of a business. Like any other business, it may look small to the outside world but running any business is not a child’s play especially when starting without capital. The hard work involved in building a consumer base that believe in the quality of your product has not been easy.”

So Just but a curious Question; Are your scarfs only meant for the Muslims or even Non-Muslims can also rock this well designed scarfs?

“We’ve had feedback and questions from customers such as if our scarfs are only suitable for Muslims Ladies. The answer is no! A good percentage of our clientele are non-Muslims and due to public demand, we are about to launch our official male scarfs line. Scarves have been the most versatile clothing accessory in fashion for both men and women since the 19th century,"


You can check out more of her works HERE or sample out her Instagram @nizarsline

Fb page -Nizar’s line


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