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Finally! The perfect solution for peeing when wearing a jump suit

This may be the answer to the sole most annoying struggle of wearing a jump suit.

Every woman that has rocked a jump suit knows how dreadful the thought of having to go to the bathroom can be.

It takes up so much time; you have to remove your entire outfit and risk it touching the dirty floor if you go to a public toilet – it’s a lot.

Only other solutions to not getting stuck with this predicament is to either not wear the jump suit or not drink too many drinks that day.


Well it may seem that those days may be over because we may have found the perfect solution to peeing while wearing a jump suit.

The trick may be in getting a jump suit that has a high slit on one side – if you’re cool with serving that much leg- and well you know what you'll do in the bathroom

According to popular fashion designer Anita Gaitho, who also designed the practical jump suit, this is what worked for her and maybe it could for you.

No more stripping down to use the bathroom.


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