6 amazing hacks every avocado lover needs to know

You can ripen your avocado in minutes

Avocado hacks(thetoastedpinenut)

It’s not debatable that avocados are a favorite to many not just for their taste but also for their rich nutrition.

Are you one of the many avocado lovers? If yes, then there is much more you need to know about this great fruit. And it’s not about how they benefit your health but rather some simple yet very important avocado hacks.

Here are some of them:

1. Using onions to prevent browning of a cut avocado

Can’t finish the whole avo? Put the remaining half in an airtight container and put a red sliced onion next to it. Next time time you are eating it, it will still have its original green color. No browning.

2. Ripening avocado in minutes

If you want it so badly but it’s still somewhat hard, simply bake it in an oven for some minutes and enjoy it. This works perfectly if the avocado was close to getting ripe or had actually started ripening.

3. You can make your breakfast with your avocado half

You can make a perfect breakfast with eggs and avocado. Cut your avocado into half, and break the egg into the avocado hole. Bake it and voila, your breakfast is ready. Yummy and nutritious.

4. Ripening the avocado with banana or apple

If you want your avocado to ripen faster, put it in together with a banana or apple and cover them for a night or two. After that period, it will be as good as ready for consumption.

5. Choosing the ripe avocado at the market

This is usually the most difficult task. You want to make sure that you want one that is not too ripe or one that is not ripe enough. And the mama mboga won’t even let you feel them enough before she gives you a stern warning not to squeeze them. So, here’s the trick. Pull the small stem and if it’s hard to come out, the avocado is most likely unripe. But if it comes out easily and the tips are green, it’s ripe. However, if the tip is brown, the avocado is spoilt.

6. Overripe avocado for beauty

What if your avocado gets too ripe to eat? Nothing is going into waste. An overripe avocado still has its vitamins intact and you can use it for your skin or hair.


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