Who said you can’t make your own biryani? Try this recipe by Chepchikoni

What are you having for lunch?

Biryani by Chepchikoni

Short of ideas for lunch or dinner? As always, we got you and we got amazing ideas. If you have been dreaming of making your own biryani at home, this is a dream come true for you.

Chepchikoni shared a biryani recipe with us and you can always give it a try. It’s simple and you don’t have to a chef to make some yummy biryani.

Here it is:


½kg beef or goat meat

500 ml maziwa mala

2 tubes tomato paste

4 cloves garlic

1 teaspoonful ginger

1 teaspoonful cumin seeds

1 raw pawpaw (optional)

1 teaspoonful pilau masala

Cooking oil

½ teaspoonful black pepper whole


5 onions chopped in a circular shape


In a bowl, mix your meat, salt to taste, maziwa mala, ginger, garlic, cooking oil and grate in the white part of your pawpaw. The pawpaw is for softening the meat especially beef. If you are using goat meat, you don’t have to use pawpaw.

After mixing, let it sit in the fridge for 2-7 hours.

In a pan, heat the oil, put in the onions and fry until golden brown.

Set the onions aside

Now, take your beef marinade and put it in a cooking pot. Cook on medium heat until the meat softens.

Add in your tomato paste and stir till mixture changes color to red-orange.

Now add in your pilau masala, black pepper and cumin seeds. Mix thoroughly and let it cook on maximum heat.

After five minutes, stir and add in the ¾ of the onions and the oil you had set aside. Mix well for two minutes and the food is as good as ready.

Preparing the rice

For your rice, heat oil in a pan, add in two bay leaves, two cinnamon sticks and stir.

Now add 1 cup of rice and salt then mix well. 

Add two cups of water and stir. Reduce the heat and cover.

When the rice is about to dry up, mix ½ tablespoonful golden yellow food color and 2 tablespoonfuls of water. Mix well and pour in the rice forming a cross pattern.

After one minute, pour the remaining fried onions on top of it and let the rice sit for five minutes. 

Using a fork, mix the rice so that half is white half is yellow. 

Serve your biryani and enjoy.


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